Food Grade Buckets and Other Food Storage Containers

Plastic and 5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets

Food grade buckets are most commonly used by restaurants to store leftover food or to marinate certain kinds of foods. However, the buckets used must always be of great quality, they must be safe to store edible items so that there is no plastic leeching into the food that is being contained. Not any plastic bucket can be used because the materials in the buckets may be harmful if they are not approved for food use.

Even once these containers are found and used in a restaurant or any other situation, there must be certain precautions taken to maintain sanitary conditions for the food contained. For example, if food storage buckets are scratched on the inside in any way, they may be rendered unsafe. This is because once the plastic is scratched it is more likely to hide microorganisms even after they are washed thoroughly. This is especially important when the vessels are used for fermentation in a brewing process. In a fermentation process, the environment inside of the container is rich with nutrients which allow yeast to replicate. The nutrients in the mixture can also support harmful microorganisms that are able to hide in small scratches in the buckets. That is why after they are scratched they should be replaced.

When food storage buckets are washed, special care has to be taken so that they do not attain any small scratches. In addition special chemicals have to be used which will not harm the inner surfaces of the containers. If strong chemicals are used to wash the containers, the plastic might react with the chemicals and weaken the bonds in the polymer. This will increase the possibility of the plastic leeching into the food for the next time they are filled. If they do degrade in any way, it is better to purchase new ones in order to maintain sanitary and safe conditions for the food in question.

Food Grade BucketsMany people use these buckets with lids to store large quantities of food for large stretches of time. It is important that when purchasing buckets for this purpose they specify that they are also looking for lids to match. Many types of these contaienrs are sold without lids because they are sold separately so do not assume that the buckets will always come with the lids because they may not. This is convenient only if you are looking for containers without the need for lids since you will not have to pay extra for the high grade material used in the lids as well.

Food Grade Plastic Buckets

Food grade plastic buckets are made from food grade plastic. This material is a different type of plastic and is not the same type that you get when you buy something which is not a food item. Food grade plastic containers do not contain anything harmful to humans such as harmful dyes or recycled materials that may contain toxins that can possibly contaminate food being stored. Any recycled materials contained in these vessels would mostly be recycled bottles.

The material that is used in to prepare these items that restaurants use and that is used in home food storage is polycarbonate, shatter resistant plastic. As mentioned before these storage containers are not made from easily cut plastics because it allows bacteria to grow in the cuts leading to food contamination.

An easy way to collect food grade buckets is to go to a restaurant and simply ask for any empty ones. Most restaurants receive their bulk products in large plastic containers complete with lids and are available for the asking. The ones with lids are especially useful for preventing foreign objects from falling into your stored goods. They can hold large quantities of food or other materials.

Food grade storage buckets make storing food much easier and will make future food storing easier. They can make camping easy for storing water in. They can be cheap depending on the size, but they can vary in price. For a 1 gallon container, prices can range from $2.14 to $2.99 each, 5 gallon buckets can range between $7.49 to $9.41 each, and 8 gallon containers can range anywhere between $11.95 to $15.21 each.

With LidsPlastic Food Grade Buckets

Food Grade 5 Gallon Buckets

5 Gallon Food Grade BucketsFood grade 5 gallon buckets are good for many things. They are such a big size because they are meant to store larger quantities of food or liquid. Most restaurants use them because of their size because restaurants need to store away lots of food safely. Food grade storage buckets are a safe way to store food because they have a lid to protect the contents from bacteria, and the material they are made from is food caliber. These 5 gallon buckets can be found at grocery stores or retailers, or even some stores that sell camping equipment.

There are different ways you can use these 5 gallon containers. One way is to pack away large amounts of liquid like water for camping. They are great for camping because if you need to take water it is generally uneconomical to take bottled water; you can instead use these food grade storage containers to take the water with you. But, you do not have to use them for just liquids. You can use them to store away food that needs to be dehydrated, or food that needs to be frozen. They are also very useful if you made alot of soup that needs to be relocated but it for perhaps charity purposes and cannot stay in the pot.

Food grade 5 gallon buckets can store bulk products. These buckets are long lasting. They can last up to 15 years before you need to replace them. They are made of a thick plastic or can be stainless steel to, however the steel ones obviously cost more. You can get them shatter proof for restaurant use, or any use really. That is another reason why they are great to take on camping trips, or even long road trips. These food grade buckets are good for almost anything!

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