Food Grade Buckets and Other Food Storage Containers

How To Find Food Safe Buckets For Cheap Or Even Free

So finding great buckets for storing your food in for a cheap price can be a bit of a hassle. Finding them for free is even harder! The creator of this video goes into a bit of detail on exactly how he procured a decent selection of 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids.

As he explains, he called a few places such as Walmart and Costco to see if they had any empty buckets available. The Walmart told him they had none, and the Costco said they return them to the manufacturer. This is possibly true, but I have my doubts. Doesn’t matter though, since as you will see getting them is just a matter of time. Luckily, the Safeway bakery apparently had a few nice plastic buckets for the guy when he called them!

With any luck you can find the smaller food safe buckets that the video guy shows you because the lids are simply fantastic. If you are storing food long term, the rubber seals are obviously great. Of course it’s possible to use the lids on the larger buckets too if you want. These lids seal up really well, and the use of Mylar bags inside is not really a requirement. Of course it helps immensely for really long term food storage, but as I said, not needed in most cases.

Now he brought up an important point right near the end of the video. He said since Safeway was nice enough to give him the buckets, he intends to give them a bit more business in the future. I agree with the guy, it provides good karma and a chance to get cheap or free food storage containers!

Anyway, the point is that you need to use a variety of methods to store your food and other items, and thus you need to use a selection of methods to find the containers that are safe for storing your edible goods as well.

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